Monday, March 29, 2010

O'Brien's 3/28 - The Bucks come home from tour

Colleen Green graced us with her presence.

The Big Big Bucks showed off what they'd learned on tour.

Supriya's set was too short and this was all I caught of it, but I swear that's her holding her bass.
Double Nines were sweet.

And Now Denial rocked so hard I turned the flash on to try to capture it...

...but perhaps the blurs capture it best.

Middle East Downstairs 3/27/10 Harmonix presents...

I only caught the end of That Handsome Devil, but what I saw was fun.

Anarchy Club was rocking too hard for me to get a clear picture of them.

The Konks were fantastic!

Emeen Z sat in on bass for The Main Drag and they sounded great!